Privacy Policy

Since we are now in the building stage, we haven’t finalized our policy yet. However, these might be helpful:

  • An author’s works will be published under a pseudonym for security reasons
  • An author will have the right to pull off his/her/their writing at anytime
  • Mondro will preserve the works of an author; Mondro doesn’t have the rights to claim
  • The hosting is from a third party source, but the risk is undeniable and unavoidable
  • Mondro will be an open website; if someone steals, or republishes the works of an author, Mondro can not be held accountable
  • All the works will be preserved on Google Drive, the website, and Dropbox
  • Safety comes first. If someone doesn’t feel safe, that’s totally understandable. We don’t have the capacity to handle copyright issues for several valid reasons