How to save Gay relationship according to Greek mythology

Writer- Mohabbatjaan

In the beginning of the construction of gender and sexuality. There were three hermaphrodites. Both with half male, half female. Then Zeus cut off two hermaphrodites and exchanged with each other. Two male parts as one complete Male and other one complete female. And they were told to complete each other with the right balance of male and female. But on the other side the one hermaphrodite remained. Zeus said it was complete on its own with the complete balance.

This is how gender and sexuality was formed.

Us gay men must remind that our internal energy is of a hermaphrodite and we need another hermaphrodite to mate with us and balance as complete. On the other side we are also more as a complete individual with the nourishment of both masculinity and femininity. If we gays channelize only on masculinity then it will be wrong as it means to lead the hetero way and lack of feminine energy will lead to women to complete it.

There are number of guys who define themselves as “straight-acting” or “masc”—and only want to meet other guys who present in the same way.

masc4masc is a term used by gay men who are attempting to frame their toxic masculinity, and prejudicial attitudes as a sexual preference. masc4masc is the Denial of Femininity in the Gay Community.

Then why masc 4 masc? At the end do they wanna end up being or feeling incomplete or being called incomplete?

The perfect goal for a gays whether single or coupled is to accept and cherish the hermaphrodite male female balance within.

For a gay couple who aspires a real relationship . This balance is a must as two hermaphrodites. Ones masculinity will balance with another’s femininity and vice-versa with final completion.

Its an understanding we Bangladeshi gays lack now-a-days. We channelize our masculinity only to attract other gays which is OK. But when we make it a masc4masc or bro-bro relationship. It seems incomplete. It doesn’t remain a complete couple.

We met in a very harmful manner with the male-empowering masc4masc or bro bro thing. Increasing each other’s sexual masculinity only. It resulted very badly.

This relationship taught me how my femininity and my boyfriend’s femininity truly makes us Gay and a complete couple together. I wish we understood this from the beginning. But all is well that ends well. We managed to escape the worse of worst.

We realized such masculine empowerment and masc 4 masc thing was making us negative as a couple . More like brothers. Less like boyfriends. Its not what gay couple means. We immediately stopped the harmful practice. The Greek Hermaphrodite myth can make understand Bangladeshi gays to save themselves.

Homosexuality and Hermaphrodity are both linked together. Without one, Another won’t survive.

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