Loved again

Poet: Noor

When love was the ocean
I acted as shore.
And soon I decided
I will not,anymore.

Was okay as I was
No traction, no amour.
But something did happen
That I wasn’t longing for.

I had fallen, I’d feel
That wasn’t the big deal
A quick wave just bumped
That I wasn’t hoping for.

Was offered by love
was on my full senses
Embraced it somehow
With no strong defences

Now all can be done is
erase the flaws
With all my entities
do the devoir
Not gonna step back
I wont say ‘no more’
Cause love is the ocean
And im acting as shore.

Thing that I’m scared of
is am I being loved?
Cause I feel no tenor
Than any of his stuff.
This feel ain’t primary
I too get gravity
Still It seems panicky
Like a birth of devour
Love still is the ocean
And I am the shore

Wished to feel wanted
Feeling too granted
This Isn’t what I asked
Ill fate’s grandeur.
Trapped down the hell i’m
No escape, no door
Love is the ocean
And I am the shore

(Inspirations from a homie)

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