Who is the Modern Day Mona Lisa?

By Jhikipoka 

The life expectancy of a trans person is 30-35yrs. The number is so shockingly low because of the high rate of murder and suicides in the trans community. Being born trans automatically cuts their life by in half, and they spend most of this life stuck in the closet, claustrophobic. every now and then strangers will open the door to tell them that they’re not a real woman, or man, and that they will never be one, no matter how much they try. So, they decide to lock themselves in. 

So many kids have lost their childhoods pretending to be someone they are not. Trans women beaten up as children for using their mother’s make up, trans men uncomfortable in the dresses they were forced to wear, ripping out their long hair because they hate it so much. Never being able to fit in with the binary, always thinking that they are unlovable and unwanted. Filling up to the brim with anxiety whenever they go out, their happiness fading away into an ocean of dysphoria as soon as you ask the question – “tumi ki meye na chele?” The binders are never tight enough, even if it ends up crushing their sweet, innocent heart. 

Black and brown trans lives matter. today, tomorrow, forever. they aren’t responsible for your chosen discomfort nor are they a fetish. those who have a problem with racism, but no problem being lgbtqphobic – I urge you to look at yourself with a microscope. issues like racism and lgbtqphobia aren’t only skin deep, it goes way beyond that. it is a monster with black eyes and jagged fangs. sinking their teeth into the necks of the innocent, and filling their blood with poison. coming face to face with this monster, day in, day out, is exhausting and tiresome. it sucks the very essence of life out of you. 

When phobia is validated in the public sphere, it becomes deadly. 
For now, the modern day Mona Lisa is anyone under the threat of persecution. Mona Lisa is anyone whose identity and existence has been questioned, frowned upon, discarded. Mona Lisa is Dominique Fells, a black trans woman who was brutally murdered and dismembered, she was Nusrat, she was Tonu, she was Hira Moni, she was Sumaiya Khatun, she is every single woman our system couldn’t protect. She is every single woman who lost their lives for daring to dream, to become who they were born to be no matter what the cost was. May our Mona rest in pride.

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