One Can Always Hope

I’ve got the word সমকামী set on my Google news alert. Every day, I check my Gmail to see if there’s something new on the matter. Almost everyday, I find nothing. And I still Google anyway, hoping to find something that the news alert might’ve missed. A sort of a ridiculous hope that somehow I’ll wake up someday and find out Bangladesh has legalised our rights to exist and all that.

I’ve got crazy fantasies about falling through the cracks of our reality into an alternate dimension where we’re not unfairly persecuted.

It’s all pretty juvenile.

The activists of our community getting butchered and not given fair justice pretty much broke us. Feels crippling to be unable to do much of anything to change the state we’re in right now.

There’s change on-going of course. With the pace of a snail.

Straight people in Bangladesh are making condescending memes about the LGBT community and are jokingly calling each others “gay” as an insult. That’s good. That’s the progress we got. General people making insulting jokes about us instead of turning their nose up at disgust and vomiting in a toilet bowl. Great. I guess if I’m allowed to be optimistic, that’s a transition process to people slowly becoming more accepting of us. Even if really, really slowly in that.

Change always comes. And someday Bangladesh will accept gay people fully. But by then I’ll probably be rotting in my grave.


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