Confused Loner

I’m a bisexual girl living in Bangladesh. I came to realize this when I was 11. There was this girl who used to live with us and I was physically attracted to her. She somehow knew it. One day I tried to get close to her and she didn’t stop me so I started doing that more often. But then suddenly I started feeling guilty so I decided to back off. After that I got into a relationship with a guy and moved on. Later it didn’t work out. But I always had this feeling of admiring girls more than any guy or man. I’ve recently discovered one more thing that I really want to get into a healthy relationship with a girl but whenever I think of getting intimate with a girl, it doesn’t give me the same sensation I get from the thought of doing it with a guy. It’s more like I really want to build up an emotional connection with a girl but maybe not ready for the physical intimacy regarding it yet. I’m confused and lost. I don’t know how to put everything in words but this is what I’m feeling about myself lately. I’ve never been in a relationship with a girl therefore I don’t know how to initiate a conversation or with whom I should discuss all these things because I’m a legit loner. So right now I think I’m discovering myself new and I’m clueless where it will end up taking me! I’m stuck!


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