Tired of This Fake Life

I am lesbian from an ordinary middle class family of Bangladesh that strictly follows religious and societal rules. In my family, talking about anything sex-related is prohibited, let alone homosexuality. So, I don’t dare ever to talk about my sexuality to them. I have graduated already and am now under huge pressure of marriage. My parents are literally eating my head to marry. It’s so suffocating to see that nobody cares about your welfare, they only care about you being a bride and mom. I have been in a relationship with a girl for 7 years but she doesn’t see any future with me in this circumstance. I am suffering from depression and anxiety over all these. When my classmates are busy to find their dream job and settle down, I am just struggling with the truth about who I am. It’s painful, it’s devastating. I know my family will never accept me after knowing my sexuality and I will never be happy if I marry a man according to their wish. I think the only option left for me is leaving my family and leaving this country forever. I am trying to amass courage for this desperate step. But not so easy, may be I lost my guts after all these years of silence and fear. Please keep me in your prayers. All I want to live being true me. I am so tired of this fake life.


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