Impossible to tell that I love men and women

I’m a student here in Bangladesh and I’ve always been taught that homosexuality is bad and it’s a sin. But over the years, I’ve discovered many truths and lies. I came to a realization that homosexuality is absolutely normal. In Bangladesh and certain other developing countries, however, it’s illegal. Keeping aside the questionable legality, it’s a complete social taboo to be part of the LGBTQ+ community. Not only homosexuality, but also all other types of sexuality, orientation and preferences that are non-binary are heavily stigmatized.

I’m bisexual. Which means I am attracted to men and women. However, it’s become impossible for me to share about who I am. The heavy stigma about LGBTQ+ used to drive me insane and I was heavily depressed for not being able to share my problems with anyone. I’m always scared and paranoid about my secrets. I’ve had severe anxiety disorder for a long time. And just to make myself secure I’ve never shared anything regarding this to anyone. Especially not a family member or my own parents. I wish this country would accept us all and destigmatize such issues.


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