Love Thyself

I’m a pansexual teen girl, currently at the age of 17. I remember when I was 15 I came out as bisexual. I decided to tell my best friend about my sexuality. When I told her, she froze and told me it’s disgusting to like the same gender. From then on, she feared that I was going to rape her or something else, but I just wanted acceptance. Later on, when my classmates found out about it, they thought I was hitting on them, so they acted grossed out to get the typical teen popularity life by spreading rumors about me. However, I decided to love myself and ditch toxic people out of my life and now I have close friends who accept me just for the way I am and I got a secret girlfriend too because this country just isn’t ready to accepts us.

Just another short story: When I was 14, I had to apologize and write an apology letter for using the world “lesbian” in class.


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