Coming Back For You

13th January 2007

I heard from someone that in a moonlit night if we look at each other, we don’t have to say what we want to. Without intervention we will understand what we want to say. I’m waiting for a moon lit night dear. I’m waiting for the night when under the mid night blue we will look at each other’s eyes for hours.

How could you do all these by just two days? Whatever I need, whenever I need, I just get it nearby. Your touch is everywhere lying in the beauty of my silent lonely apartment. Why did you set this place in such a nice way? It hurts.

20th February 2007

I’ve got a plan. Let’s play a game. In a bright sunny day we will go to the forest and then we will get lost willingly. Till dusk I’ll be searching you and you will be searching me deep in the forest. When we will get tired searching, we’ll look into the sky. What will you do if you find me at the end of the day? And what will I do if I don’t?

The plant that you set right beside the window of my bedroom is in bloom. Won’t you come to see this?

9th April 2007

Last night I was in the train sitting alone. An old man got in to the train after sometime and sat beside my. Soon we became so intimate that I forgot everything. We chatted for hours and enjoyed the serene beauty of the lights of the bridge. Early in the morn, when I felt that I gotta go, suddenly someone whispered in my mind. The man has got some similarity with you. I don’t know what but there must have some similarity. I felt like taking his number, but finally I did not. 

Do you know why? Cause I got you in this life. I don’t need any number anymore. I love you. I love you.

19th July 2007

Sometimes I dream that you and I are having a bicycle race in a green hilly area. The sky is getting cloudy and dark but we are cycling. None of us can go front pushing the other behind. My legs are paining in the dream but still I’m cycling. Why do I dream this again and again? Is it a long way to go?

The train took you away tonight. It’s so throbbing to say goodbye to someone standing alone in an old railway platform. You are there with your family, but I’m alone here in this busy city, sitting idly in my apartment balcony. I’m so lonely!

29th September 2007

I would love to go onto a high mountain somewhere. There I’ll live  in a cozy mountain cabin. I’ll go hiking every day to breathe in the clean air and see the splendid views. I’ll come back in the evening to a warm fire with a small bite to eat, a drink and what else? After that I’ll relax across the early night. Now, that could be fun and if I could do that with a good friend, even better

Well, at least I have an IDEA about fun, even if I am not doing it. What do you think? 

PS: I can’t sleep at night. I miss you, I miss you.

21st November 2007

I feel like walking with you slowly on a meadow bare footed in rain. We won’t say anything. We’ll just move slowly holding our figures tight. But the problem is its winter. How can we manage rain?

Am I getting sick living alone in this apartment? It’s so high, I barely see human figures down there in the street. Even I can’t hear any noise of the street. Honey, won’t you come here to see me this month?

29th December 2007

Have you seen any serious patient among your close relatives who is going to die but suffering like anything? My uncle was a cancer patient who could not speak. At the last stage his kidneys were not working. I saw him going through the inhuman sufferings for months. I often try to derive which one is more painful: wounded life or mental turmoil?

PS: There is a surprise that I didn’t tell you yet. I’ve got transferred after this dreadful eight years. I’m coming back to Dhaka the day after tomorrow. I’m coming back for you dear.

Source: Bangladesh Against Homophobia (BAH)

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