My father wanted to kill me

Homophobia The Word Is Literally A Part Of My Daily Life In Bangladesh! It Effected My Childhood And Destroyed My Soul… Homophobia Is Continuously Putting A New Scar In My Soul Every Single Day! I’m Shohan An Open Homosexual (Asexual-Queer) And 7 months Ago I Came Out As Gay To My Muslim Family And Homophobia Inside My Father Wanted To Kill Me And Throw Me Out But The Best Part Is My Independent Mother Came And Saved Me ! SHE IS MY TRUE HERO! AMAZING Part Is That She Is Not Homophobic At All And Accepted Me As I Am. I Could Never Imagine That My Muslim Mother Will Ever Do This… She Loves Me A Lot And Made My Father Understand ! Infact I Thought That I Might Suicide But I Was Strong …I AM STRONG ! NO BULLYING AND HOMOPHOBIA CAN BRING ME DOWN… NOW I AM A FREE BIRD EVEN IN A HOMOPHOBIC MUSLIM COUNTRY LIKE BANGLADESH! I Lost A Lot Of Fake Friends And Relatives But Guess What! I Earned A Lot Of Real Friends As Well. NOW I KNOW WHO IS MY ACTUAL REAL BUDDY … Although Being Gay Is Illegal Here But I Am Pretty Much Happy Surrounder By Allies And Good Human Beings. I JUST HAD TO CUT OUT SOME HOMOPHOBIC PEOPLE FROM MY LIFE .. Though I Am Living In A Bubble Where Is No Homophobia But Its Bangladesh ! Whenever I Go Outside Without My People I Found Homophobia As I Am A Lil Bit Feminine People Always Trys To Bully Me ! BUT NOW I AM OPEN/STRONG/AND MATURED… I DONT CARE. I REALY DON’T GIVE A F**K! I AM HOW I AM AND LOVE MYSELF AS I AM SO ANY OTHER STRANGER’S JUDGEMENT DOESN’T EVEN MATTER! I LOVE MYSELF AS A FEMININE Gay AND I AM PROUD OF IT. AND I WILL ALWAYS BE LIKE THIS NO MATTER WHAT SO HATERS SHOULDN’T EVEN BOTHER OR SHOULD ENJOY MY LIFE 🙂

Source: Bangladesh Against Homophobia (BAH)

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