A better future

I never thought I’ll be able to come out as gay publicly in Bangladesh until I came back from Europe. I always pretended like I’m straight with my most of the friends, when I reached Europe, it changed my entire personality, I hardly now give a thought what others will think about me so I put in my Instagram profile it’s okay to be gay and thus how I come out publicly that I’m a gay and my story was different, most of my intimate people surrounding me accepted me as who I am, and just since last year after I came out as gay I took 8 “straight people ” into bed who have a girlfriend or even a wife, maybe it would go the same for everyone, I’m privileged with a very good looking face and body and the skin colour, so they replaced me as girl instead of boy, but I’m now studying hard, I’ll have to return back to Europe again in master for a better future, I’m happy with my sexual life, I got the kinda man I wanted but I want to establish relationships and it’s possible only in Europe by marriage, keep me in your prayers so that I can fulfill my dreams.

Source: BAH (Bangladesh Against Homophobia)

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