A Self-confession

Assalamualikum. I’m 20 years old. I’m lesbian.

Yess!! I finally said that. I wanted to tell the whole world this freaking truth of mine. I’m so afraid. In my entire life, I was scared as hell. Not about the society, not religion, but to accept myself. My family is so religious and so am I. It’s really hard for me. Hard to accept myself. Hard to tell someone my story. Hard to tell someone why I never had any boyfriend. Why I find sex as violence. Hard to tell a beautiful girl that I have a serious crush on her.

I have never been in any relationship so I have no love or relationship experience to share with you guys but while reading those heart touching stories and supportive comments really inspire me to share my story too. Thank you. You all are so brave.

As a very religious person, with my hijab on, I want to be brave. Brave enough to face myself and tell everyone that I like girls. As my religion will never accept me, I’ve decided to never get married.

Love from me to all brave souls.❤️ and keep me in your prayers.

Source: BAH ( Bangladesh Against Homophobia)

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