A shy person

Hi, just for now let’s say my name is Taru (it means ‘Sea’ in Japanese). I am a trans man and my preferred pronouns are He/Him/They.

The way I have introduced myself here, I could not have done so if the post was not anonymous. But at least, I have accepted myself eventually ending all those doubts and dilemmas thinking everyone’s gonna leave me. I would die alone!

Basically I am a shy person. On top of that, being a trans man makes my romantic journey way too much harder. I could not gather the courage to talk about my feelings most of the time, thought they found me a weirdo and never spoke to me again. I know that’s silly! What can I do! Despite this horrendous situation, I have experienced love. It was so beautiful. Totally worth the risk and all my insecurities! I was head over heels in love. Then she left me. We were together for two years.

My family does not know about me. They are cool. They don’t bother me much. I hope when I come out, it will not be such a blow!

My close friends know about me. They don’t have any problem with it. They love adventures and I am pretty sure they’ve made me a part of it. Gender Dysphoria is what I get to live with everyday. Those who know about me, they are not even sensitive enough to address me properly. I think they do it on purpose. Right? And me being me, I do not caution them. This becomes really frustrating sometimes. I would calm myself saying okay ‘once I am done with the surgery, this will be sorted out.’

Lastly, I want to thank this wonderful group. Such a safe and great platform for sharing and receiving love and appreciation.

Source: BAH (Bangladesh Against Homophobia)

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