Abusive Relationship

It’s a story of one of my very close friends. She’s bisexual. In 2017, she was struggling with her sexuality. She was not sure about her bisexuality. So that time, she thought sharing this secret of her with us would not be okay so she decided to share it with a girl who was her classmate and very close to her at that time. After knowing my friend’s story that girl too confessed that she was interested in girls and asked my friend to date her. My friend accepted her proposal thinking that it would clear her mind about her sexual preferences. The initial days of their relationship were good but then slowly that girl started showing her true colours. She started touching my friend in a very inappropriate way without taking her consent. She knew it was making my friend feel very uncomfortable but she kept doing it. She used to force my friend to have sex with her daily. She abused my friend in every way possible. And her behavior became so bad towards my friend that my friend decided to part ways with her. She ended her 7 months abusive relationship with that girl. And kept it a secret till 2019. She told me everything at the beginning of this year. I felt so bad that I could not do anything for her. I wish I knew about this thing when it was happening with her. That experience still haunts her. She fears to get into another relationship because of what had happened to her. That relationship has left a scar on her mind.

Dear LGBT Amigos,

Often people think there’s no boundary in a same-sex relationship. They are so wrong. Same-sex relationships are just like straight relationships. You have to take your partner’s consent. You should be careful about not making her/him feel uncomfortable. Remember, respect is more essential than love in a relationship. Try to respect your partner. And if you’re in an abusive relationship, please end that relationship. Let your friends know your problems, your sufferings. My friend suffered so I don’t want other people to suffer like this. Love yourself more than anybody. 

Have a nice day!

Source: BAH ( Bangladesh Against Homophobia )

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