Acceptance at Last

First of all saying I shared my feelings here before and it was posted on May 10 . I don’t know if you guys still remember me. I was 16 that time and gave SSC going through huge depression. After the SSC result, a new life started. I joined a not so famous college. After that, so many things have changed. College life gave me a lot of friends but one of my school friends found some gay couple pics on my phone and I told him I am gay and he was so damn cool and accepted me and gave me enough hope to tell some of my other friends. I told my little sister about me and my four friends being gay can’t believe I was the same person who once tried to commit suicide three times is so happy now. But some close college friends who don’t know I am gay sometimes in a fun or like that they start using the word hala gay kunkar and that burns in my heart . College friend der bhitore gay der niye onek opoman kra hoy bt kisu blte parina.

(This page gave me some Facebook friends. I love u guys for listening that time when I was depressed.)

But the main point of the post is:

1. I am not scared anymore.

2. I love myself, accepted myself .

3. I am still religious. Sorry, can’t live without Allah. I believe he will forgive me .

4. Happy, alive and kicking .

5. Still hiding because I am smart .

Depression and sadness? Yes, they never leave you but fighting it strongly ,️ sharing my happiness with you guys , please pray for this kid .  ইতি

Source: BAH ( Bangladesh Against Homophobia )

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