Hi!! I’m 18 and I’ve always been in love with girls, thus I’m a lesbian. I’m going to share my story with you guys. When I was in 7th grade, I had a huge crush on one of my friends but I couldn’t express my feeling towards her as I didn’t even know what homosexuality is! We used to talk a lot in class and over the phone all the time. When our JSC exam ended and we got a long vacation, that’s when she started falling for me and it all started with a kiss when I went to see her. We were in a relationship for like 2.5 years and maybe then she experienced her attraction for boys so I never blame her for cheating on me for several times 😊 But I was devastated and somehow managed to live on my own.

Life was going on and suddenly one night a senior from my school who I just used to know knocked me up. She’s so perfect, motivating, positive, helpful and beautiful. We talked for only 2 months. We became close and also flirted, then she suddenly left. I reach out to her but she became all that cold & rude. I guess she somehow got to know about my feelings after that I became so numb. It’s been one year now. I do knock her sometimes but it’s way too formal. I just want to tell her about how much I love her someday but again I think about what if things get messier?

The fear of coming out to my parents freaks me out. It’s not easy here to have the life I’ve always dreamed of. Sometimes I feel like would it be that hard to get married and stay with a boy out of pressure and because it also goes with my religion then I look at guys and be like, huh I’d rather stay single all my life.

Thanks for reading and I also apologize for not being a good storyteller.

Source: BAH ( Bangladesh Against Homophobia)

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