Ariadne on Naxos

We were best friends. We believed and trusted each other more than family. We studied together. We were classmates, roommates. We read together, we cooked together, we went to our institution together. Actually, our bond was like oxygen for life. Our day was incomplete if we did not see each other – that was the feeling. Gradually we became totally dependent on each other. The beautiful person loved me but did not show me. The circumstance influenced me to go close to her naturally, that feeling was like given by God as a fully soulful satisfaction. I don’t know what love is love. I just know love means that the beautiful person lives in my soul forever. Naturally, because of the world’s bad experience, she had to break up with me. She was bound to society’s law and she forced me to obey her advice for her family and my goodness. I am so helpless without her. I don’t know what I should do. I really miss her every second.

Source: BAH( Bangladesh Against Homophobia)

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