I am a bisexual male. I was married once but am divorced now. My last relationship was with a man and I did not tell him that I am not actually gay and like both men and women. I don’t know but I feel confused in non-sexually related matters as well. I have noticed this from a few days back. I legit sometimes feel like I am lost or as if I know exactly what I am doing. I don’t know whom to talk to about these confusions or is it even related to my sexual preferences, a bisexual male would be better. I just wanted to let my things out. And is it worth it? Coming out from the closet and telling my parents that I am not straight? I had a boyfriend. I mean majority of the time I feel I should compromise and marry a woman again, since I don’t want to break my family members’ hearts.

Source: BAH ( Bangladesh Against Homophobia )

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