Finding a jungle

What is it that keeps us functioning really? Getting up each day to go to a job and what not? Others have a family they care about that they have to take care of. Loved ones. In this country, with all this homophobia, even the gay dating apps are filled with frauds, kidnappers, blackmailers, and the likes. RAB apprehended some of them a few months back. It’s unlikely for me to find someone else that I’d love. I’m not a dating app kind of guy anyway. Sometimes I feel like just giving it all up and finding a jungle to spend the rest of my life hiding in. Living there all Bear Grylls style. That’s just fantasy of course. Even the forests are getting thinned up. They couldn’t offer you much solitary and Sundarbans is just too far away.

Source: Bangladesh Against Homophobia (BAH)

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