First Confession

‌I should have known I was gay from the age of 6. Because that’s when I wrote my first “I love you” to a five-year-old distant cousin of mine. I didn’t even know back then what the word meant. I just knew that when her family visited, I wanted her all to myself, to play with her, eat with her, have her sleep with me instead of her parents. So she went to bed early one day and I was restless, wanting to do something. Then I remembered my aunts used to write that word, so I took a big page and wrote, “I LOVE U” and went to her room and put it under her pillow, hoping she’d find it in the morning. But guess what, her mom found it and asked in front of all of my aunts if I wrote it. Everyone was shocked and horrified to find out a 6-year-old is capable of doing that. I didn’t utter a word, my face was all red. So yeah, that was the first big embarrassing moment of my life and also the first love confession to my crush’s mother.

Source: BAH ( Bangladesh Against Homophobia)

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