Friends and Memories

Hey, remember me? Oh, how would you? It has been a long time…

I shared my relationship struggle (on May 10) on this page.

And how I became more confident on January 27… Let’s start with a quick intro and then I will share with you guys my coming-out story to my best friends…

I am a boy and gay for sure and soon I will be turning 18 years old, which is sad because I wanna grow faster to get a job, have a boyfriend or husband if this is possible in any life in this country. First of all, finding enough mature guys is a struggle here in Khulna or in any district I guess whatever! 🤦🏻‍♂️

I have three friends that I absolutely love. They are so mean sometimes, toxic sometimes and racist sometimes but I guess we all have been there. When I realized they are becoming close friends I told one of my friends that I am gay and he was like “You are joking right” and I was like “No, I am serious” and he was happy that I told him and he said it’s fine. And sometimes he flirts with me lol. We were at Rupsha Bridge with our other friend and that other friend was saying “Dude, why don’t you have a girlfriend?” and asking me what I like about girls so usually I say things like I like girls’ eyes and all that but I said I like boys. He was shocked as hell, he said “ভাই কেেমন কি” I was way too much excited so I told him after that reaction and after that, he was flirting more I mean I know they are straight as hell but that gives me comfort that they are not uncomfortable with me. And the third friend I told that I am gay I shared my whole life experiences and he said: “one of my friends told me he was gay and I laughed at that time and I felt really stupid and I researched about all this and I am sorry that you have to live like that.” He was the best friend I could ever ask for after one year of friendship he left and it’s a long long story… We used to talk 4 to 5 hours a day about movies and stuff, we had so many similarities, he was like my twin brother. Once he asked if I like anyone from our college and I said they are like my brother’s “main gay hu chutiya nehi” and we both laughed. Ahhh memories

I will be replying to your comments with my original ID [COMMENT FROM ADMIN: Please don’t do that, for your own safety’s sake. Consider using a fake ID.] and delete them later just to make some good friends for sure. Day by day I am losing friends so I need people to chat with or talk to. Pray for this kid.

Source: BAH ( Bangladesh Against Homophobia)

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