Friends with Benefits

Hi there… Firstly, I do wanna thank those who are gonna read this. Well, there is what seems like a big but small story in my life. I’ve fallen in love with a beautiful creature, a girl. We started taking from last year. But I realized to be fallen in love nearly one month ago. It started like a blink of an eye and broke as quickly. All I’ve known, it was a one-sided thing and she never took me for more than a friend or just to say I was “a friend with benefits to her. I don’t blame her. It’s my fate that it didn’t work. Hey, are you listening??? Do you miss me??? I’ve few words for you.

A relation…

Less than lovers, more than friends.

We were what we were… Not just pretend.

Sometimes silly, sometimes messy a bit…

But it was not what we call “friend with benefits”!

We knew how to keep it well…

Just flying in a neverland like Tinker Bell…!!

We shared a clueless, selfless relation.

Beyond expectation, having no clear perception.

It had no hurry… To reach the destination.

So it’s our relation with the definition…

Source: BAH ( Bangladesh Against Homophobia)

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