Futile Dream

I want to marry my girlfriend. That’s it.

We are a happy couple from Bangladesh living together. I know, in this extremist country, getting to live with the love of my life is already a luxury. We don’t hide. People around us love us, seeing how happy we are together.

Yet…! I am not done dreaming about my Princess charming. I can’t wait to bride up for you. I can’t wait to shout out – “yours till I die.” Getting you to love me back already sums up half of my life with happiness. 

Being an active reader of this page, I know this sunshine of my morning will be a little shocked. I never tell her about my dreams, my plans. I am scared. Even if we get heart broken by the end of the day, I want my sunshine to keep shining no matter what.

Honey, I vow to you – the day Bangladesh legalizes LGBTQ will be the day you become everyone’s official dulavai. Send me the link beiby when it has been posted. I want you to recognise it’s me. Love you so much. 

Well-wisher folks, can you all negotiate the joutuk part in the comment box? 🥴

Source: BAH( Bangladesh Against Homophobia)

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