I’m a gay man. I’m closeted. I’m so closeted that I keep a scowl on my face 24 hours a day, paranoid that if I do something the least bit effeminate that everyone will suddenly realize that I’m gay.

My cousin, she’s 15 years old, has minor mental problems. Her parents are rich, they could get her to a psychiatrist if they wanted, instead they went to a kobiraj and the kobiraj told them to marry her off. So they started looking for men to marry her off to. Forcefully.

In my entire family, I was the only person trying to stop them from doing a child marriage.

I would’ve tried going to the cops but her family has created false birth certificates and what not that falsely stated she’s older than 18. So at first, I tried stopping the child marriage by convincing my family to be against it.

And when I tried to get my family to protest against child marriage, the only thing they did was ask me if I was attracted to my little cousin sister and wanted to marry her myself. 

They asked it seriously, they wanted to marry her off to me.

It just fills me with so much bitterness and rage, that I have to stay closeted in this country and to my family. That my family would disown me if they had learnt that I was attracted to men, that they won’t allow me to love a consenting adult man, but that very same family would offer me a filthy pedophilic incestous relationship WITH MY GODDAMNED COUSIN.

Source: BAH ( Bangladesh Against Homophobia)

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