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Hello guys,

Today I am gonna share with you one of my untold love stories. Many months ago I opened an account on Tinder. I am kinda nerd so I didn’t know that much about Tinder. On my first day on Tinder I saw a beautiful girl. Simple but gorgeous. But my ID wasn’t that established to get her like in return of my right swipe. I had no pictures, no bio about me. So it was obvious that she won’t like me back. So I kept it like this thinking if I find her again I will right swipe this time. After a few days one of my friends came to me and told me she is in a relationship with a girl. She showed me her gf’s picture. And I was like dear Lord, that is her, the girl I got a crush on Tinder. But I slept on it. I didn’t say a word. I was like congratulations! Have a great life with her. But deep down inside I was down. I missed my chance. But I didn’t tell anybody. Days are passing, I am feeling more for her. I realised my crush turned into love. I really love her. She has got the most beautiful lips. When she puts lipstick on, it seems like the finest wine in the world that I wanna take a sip. She is gorgeous and bold and beautiful. I wish I could make her my Queen. I would have worshipped her every day. But I know she is off limits. I am not that type of person who goes behind someone’s back. I don’t want my friend to get heart broken or hurt for anything. I know I shouldn’t have feelings but I can’t help it. We can’t control our feelings. We just can’t act. So that’s what I’m doing. I don’t act on my feelings. I don’t talk with her, not with my friend. Sometimes they knock me. I talk in a friendly way. I love her from afar. I see her profile every single day. But don’t say anything to anyone. I want them to be happy. No matter how much hurt I am. When I see them together, I feel my heart is burning. But I can’t help it. I will never act on it. No one will ever know. I am not depressed at all. But I feel suffocated sometimes. So I came here to tell you guys. Plz don’t judge me. I wish I could stop feeling. But maybe one day I will be able to forget her. It’s just feeling it will go away. Haha.

My friend and her gf are planning to go abroad and get settled. They love each other a lot. I am happy for them. But I am kinda sad too. But I am sure that I will be fine. So here it is. An untold story that no one will know. Thanks for listening.

Source: BAH ( Bangladesh Against Homophobia)

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