I Wish

Our country is a ship and it’s sinking. But so is every other country all around the world. Fascism all around is getting stronger by the day. People often suggest I move to a different country, so I can come out with my sexuality without fear. But what’s the point of trying to move to a different country to escape homophobia if I just get murdered by the cops or neo-nazis because of my ethnicity? I’ve got American friends barely surviving, their health care sounds even worse than ours. Most of my American friends, they went through homelessness and shit. At least I got a roof above my head. All I ever wanted was to get old with my husband in a riverside cottage. Farming chickens and growing vegetables. I wish I was born thousands of years into the future when the concept of social oppression will be extinct. I wish I was born thousands of years ago, back when agriculture had only developed but social inequality still hadn’t developed. Even if it meant dying of an easily preventable disease or getting fatally mauled by a wild animal. All this social inequality, it’s not something inherent to us as a species. We manufactured it over time and it’s high time for us to tear it down. If our country is sinking, we need to help each other to stay afloat. And deal with the people poking holes into it accordingly.

Source: Bangladesh Against Homophobia (BAH)

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