Hi everyone… This is a 20+ girl… lesbian… Today, I am going to tell you something bitter… When I was 16, I first realized that I am attracted to girls… I started a relationship with a girl of 17 years then… Life was so beautiful… But one day my mother and sister caught us both in my room with some scenarios enough to understand that I am a lesbian… They bit me a lot and kept me locked without food and water almost for one and a half days… I cried, begged for water, but they didn’t give… My brother whom I afraid next Allah came from his office and heard everything. He was 25 then and he got so much angry on me… He opened the door and then…!! That was the worst day of my life… He brutally raped me two times… I was hungry, thirsty, I tried to escape but how could I?? He said, “Now you are on track, you have to satisfy your husband like that.” Then they arranged my marriage after a month… I tried to escape but I couldn’t… I was locked in my room for a month and they always kept eyes on me. I tried to make my husband understand but he said, “I know everything, don’t be silly… You are a good girl.” Huh! I am being brutally raped since last 3 years, every night… No one to hear. No one.

Source: BAH ( Bangladesh Against Homophobia)

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