Just a human connection

I’m a gay man, unable to find another gay guy in the place I live. How’d I know they’re gay anyway? I sometimes think about moving to Dhaka or Chittagong. But my father and mother are too old to move to a new place or for me to leave behind. I couldn’t financially afford living in a city anyway. And sometimes I wonder if I should give in and try dating women just to have an actual relationship with someone. Just to have a human connection, a pretense of romantic love. But I’m not attracted to women and I know it’ll turn toxic eventually, “relationships” born out of repression never do either party good. I keep telling myself I’ll find someone eventually. I keep telling myself Bangladesh will eventually socially progress to have gay rights. But when? When I’m old and my body is a shell of rotting flesh?

Source: BAH ( Bangladesh Against Homophobia )

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