Love; Not A Sin

I came out as gay on social media almost two years ago and I’m proud of my sexuality. But I passed a very difficult time in my high school and college because everyone seemed very unfriendly and always tried to avoid me, naturally it’s very insolent for any friendly person like me. Yes, I was severely bullied by most of my peers and fell into depression.

Everyday was like hell. Unlike other kids, I was all alone, had no friends to play with or hang out. Somehow I managed to keep myself happy and spent a lot of time on the internet by talking to people having similarity.

Living as an openly gay man in rustic areas of Bangladesh is not only hard but also a matter of risking one’s own life. Even I heard from many of my classmates saying that if they would kill me, they wouldn’t have any regret. People consider homosexuality a crime, so gay people have to hide their identity and they’ve no right to express their feelings and stories. In my case, it’s suffocating.

Now I’m giving my HSC exam, soon I’ll be shifted to Dhaka and I think it will be a great escape from Cumilla and my miseries. In future, I want to leave this country and work for the LGBT community all over the wold and reduce anti-gay attitude of people. I hope one day people will understand love is not a sin and gay people should not be hated.

Source: BAH ( Bangladesh Against Homophobia)

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