My Loneliness

It’s a bit hard for you to make friends when you’re closeted because there’s this aspect of yourself that you are hiding from everyone and you can’t really just be yourself around people and how are friends “friends” if you don’t have the guts to be just yourself around them, right?

I used to think I was such a lonely person because of my identity. In recent times, however, I came to be acquainted with other LGBT+ people who also live in Bangladesh, some of them out and some of them closeted. And I realized that they have actual friends. Be those friends cishet or LGBT+. And I realized that I couldn’t really make any form of friendship beyond mere acquaintance even with other LGBT+ people. It was sorta sad to realize that I’m quite an arse and just terrible when it comes to making connections to people and I’d still be just as sad and lonely even if I was cishet or even if I lived in a more LGBT+ accepting country.

Source: BAH( Bangladesh Against Homophobia)

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