Our Dauntless Pride

Homosexuality is a perfectly natural and normal sexual orientation.

⚢ It occurs in all cultures, societies and demographics throughout history.

⚢ It occurs in animal kingdom as perfectly normal and beneficial behavior.

⚢ It is an innate and biological trait: no one becomes homosexual, we are born that way. We don’t need a template, ideology or a cause to be homosexual, we are homosexual even when we don’t know what that is, or when it’s frowned upon or persecuted in our culture.

⚢ Homosexuality is simply a sexual orientation. It doesn’t mean anything except that we love and desire members of our own sex. 

⚢ Homosexuality doesn’t hurt anyone. Our love is pure and our sex pleasurable and good. We simply don’t make children, which is why our unions have been historically persecuted in many societies. 

⚢ Most cultures center heterosexual marriage for purposes of reproduction, inheritance of property and controlling female sexuality, which is why gender roles are so firmly entwined with heterosexuality and performing qualities and aesthetics attractive to the opposite sex. This is all a social construct, and naturally homosexuality doesn’t make us any less “Real Women” or “Real Men”.

⚢ To love is natural and beautiful. Homosexuality is a rare and beautiful way to love, and we deserve to cherish and be proud of it. Our love is good. We are good.

Source: BAH( Bangladesh Against Homophobia)

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