Our Dead Future

It’s been a year. An intense and passionate year full of new experiences which I’ve never thought of before. The most significant experience is you. This pandemic has thankfully presented me with someone precious like you. 

It’s been an absolute opportunity to get to know you for one long year. This does not seem that long, to be honest, if I look back. To be able to listen to you is still a blessing to me. I can relentlessly listen to you. It has become my favourite entertainment now to observe how you pick and choose your words. I feel you when your voice gets high-pitched out of joy which is almost rare and when your voice becomes despondent out of utter as well as the slightest frustration. 

A deep conversation with you feels as refreshing as a deep sleep. The most satisfactory thing is that we can talk being on the same page. This is so rare in my life that sometimes I think if I am living any dream which is likely to be broken soon. The variety of different topics of our conversation makes it more wanted. Is there anything left under the sun that we have not talked about yet? Send me an Excel sheet narrating what we have missed out.

One of your best characteristics is that you believe in giving people the benefit of doubt and a second chance. I discourage you most often to be so unnecessarily nice to people. Why do you have to be so jonodorodi that you can not be harsh on them when you constantly are harsh on yourself? But, do not listen to me. Keep being what your core being is. You are as beautiful as your sweet core being. The type of energy you spread, the universe sends back the same type of energy to you anyhow. 

Source: BAH( Bangladesh Against Homophobia)

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