Perfection is an illusion

This is my first post in this group and I think this post will help you to think more precisely about your life!!

Let me introduce myself first to give you an idea. I am a man from Dhaka, currently doing my undergrad from the oldest university and the epitome of courage, confidence, and compassion. I was so excited when I got into my university life but hey then the CGPA slapped on my face and I am trying to fix myself and managing to do well.

So come back to the point, we have one life and live in every moment of your life. So you are on a journey and have a very short amount of time. 

But still you are:

1. Wasting your time on different chutiya social media platforms to show your Dukhi/Shukhi- life!

2. Still crying and feeling lonely for your EX

3. Using dating (SEXting) apps to jump in beds with randoms without Condoms (for boys mostly)

4. Trying to find bf/gf before setting your life goals

5. Following the crowd like a boka-choda

6. Falling in love with a straight friend and again crying (*wtf)

7. Not taking care of your physical fitness, let alone mental fitness 

8. And lastly those who read all of the posts from this page but don’t react or like because they think their friends/relatives will know about their sexuality!

Now read carefully: Do you want to play the victim role and keep regretting your whole life? If yes, then you can continue to waste your time and don’t need to read this post, (*jah mor). And if not, then be the boss of your own life first and be more practical, remember that Prem-balubasha was programmed in our brain from childhood by third class-shosta hindi/bangla/English films. Love is different from person to person and everyone has a different time frame. If you want an overall best person in your life at first be the best of best persons. Perfection is an illusion you can be better day by day that’s it.

These are some tips, you follow or not follow that’s up to you but after 10 years you will not have to regret your life if you remember these things early in your life!

Take care of yourself by investing a good amount of time in health/workouts. The more you do it, the fitter you will become. Maybe now at this young age you do not have any health issues. Thus health is the most neglected thing at a young age. As you are young, you don’t mind eating junk food and not working out. But the moment you enter your 30s, things start changing. Your flexibility starts decreasing, reducing your agility. Your digestion is not as good as it used to be in your teen age. Hence if you get into a habit of working out, you will be fitter to face your years ahead.

BE SUPER RICH. Don’t settle for average (especially for LGBTQIA people). Now what I mean by this is to earn as much as possible to live above the average income society because that is where you can have the freedom and no one really talks about it. If you think money is the root of evil then this 21st century is not for you!

Be ready for new experiences. If you want to go abroad, plan from now. Remember your life is in your hand, if you are gay/lesbian and don’t want to live a double life and marry opposite gender than think man think you don’t have lots of time.

Love is not bad but also don’t fall for it quickly okey now it’s a golden rule that friendship is the first criteria for a healthy relation. It will click for both of you if you are truly meant for each other. So chillax.

YOU BELIEVE IT OR NOT what you give comes to you in return. So be kind always to the weaker people that you meet in your life. Aar kichu na paren street child der ekdin khawan, dekhben mon e onnorokom feeling asbe jeta normally paan na.

LOVE YOUR PARENTS LIKE A MAD LOVER and show them your love, why? Because they taught you how to love and if you can’t connect to them then you can’t be fully satisfied with your whole life! They are not your enemies, they also want your happiness and secured future. That’s why they follow the norms of society because truly speaking our parents are mostly blind believers like every other people in this society. It’s not easy for them to suddenly accept everything it takes a lot of time! Try to imagine yourself in their shoes.

Next 5 tips will be continued if you guys want! Let me know what are your tips on life??

Source: BAH ( Bangladesh Against Homophobia)

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