Pipe Dreams

For too long now, I dreamt pipe dreams of Bangladesh suddenly becoming non-homophobic. That suddenly the laws that will have two consenting adults of the same sex imprisoned for life for making love to each other will be taken down. That my family will accept me. That one day I will not be mocked in the streets for my feminine appearance.

I realize now that these things will never happen. And I realize that I don’t need these things in order to be myself and in order to achieve happiness. I seek the approval of my family no more. And if the people in the streets will laugh because I look feminine despite being assigned male at birth, then let them go ahead and have a laugh. It only speaks of their pathetic sense of humor. And what are laws? Laws are hardly ever just. And even the just ones are hardly ever employed in practical life justly. In Bangladesh, marital rape is legal, it is legal for a person to rape their spouse as long as they’re married. That doesn’t seem terribly moral to me. And if I knew such a person who rapes their spouse, I would employ violence and cripple them physically. So, I have no care of laws either. I’m not compelled to follow laws or the rules of any religion. I’m compelled to lead my life with my own sense of morality. I have no shame or guilt for my sexuality and gender. I will date and make love to any adult human being who reciprocates my feelings and affection for them. I will fight the cops if they come for me. I will fight the religious extremists if they come after me. And what will happen will happen even if it leads to my demise.

Source: BAH ( Bangladesh Against Homophobia)

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