Talking To A Wall

Funny story.

A homophobe once told me something like, “Homosexuality ain’t natural. Never will you see a male dog screw another male dog. Homosexuality is just invented by men, it’s a perverse thing absent from God’s other creations.”

I told him how he was wrong. That there actually are plenty of animals who have gay sex. Animals in gay relationships. Including dogs too.

And he says to me, “Well, animals walk around naked and kill each other too. Doesn’t mean shit. Doesn’t mean humans get to be gay without facing punishment by the law and God. It ain’t natural.”

How can you argue with these people, really? When they not only miss the point you made but also even miss the point they were trying to make too? People who are so very deep in their nonsense delusion of hate and are convicted to maintain said delusion? People who want to stop adult consenting human beings from being together?

You can’t ever win. They’d say homosexuality doesn’t exist in nature and when you give them proof that homosexuality does indeed exist in nature, they’ll just say it doesn’t matter whether it does or not. And they’ll do it with every single of their talking points. It’s just so tiring as hell. To argue and converse with naive people in hope that maybe a single one of them will hopefully become a little less homophobic at the end of it all.

Source: BAH ( Bangladesh Against Homophobia)

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