The only person

I am a lesbian. I found that when I was in class 9. I liked girls but never approached anyone. After admitting it, I started seeing a girl in my class. She is a very sweet girl. I started feeling love towards her and so much love. But I didn’t know if she is lesbian or not. We started talking and became best friends. We shared everything, we talked a lot, we hung out a lot. And every day I felt more & more love. It’s like I can’t live without her. She didn’t know about me but she gussed that I am lesbian. After some time, she started dating a boy. And I became broke. I felt so much pain. An unbearable pain I can’t tell. But I thought she was so happy. But I didn’t tell her about my feelings. I waited about 2 years. Thought that she will understand one day and will love me like I do. And that happened, After two years, they broke up. And she proposed to me, saying that “I can’t live without you, you are the only person who cares about me who loves me that much.” And we went on a relationship. I always take care of her. Her every choice, every wish and everything. Now we are in a relationship of 2 years 8 month duration. But sometimes she talks like she doesn’t love me and says so many hard things and blocks me. But somewhere she loves me. But now I am not able to love anyone without her. If she leaves me one day, I will suffer untold pain. And already making myself prepared for that. If you are a lesbian and you love only a particular person. Sometimes it will bring pain and we can’t even tell anyone.

Source: BAH ( Bangladesh Against Homophobia)

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