The Separation

Hello Dear,

I am [name removed for security & privacy reasons]. I am 25 years old and a student of MS and gay. I am also a member of Bondhu Welfare and BOB. Currently, I am in a alone and very depressed condition. Since 2015, I faced several threats in Facebook where someone scold me and threats from fake ID that due to gay I should be rusticated from university and after the post authority called me and they decided to cut off my name from hall and made me non-resident. Besides this they told others not to talk and stay with me. I alone with my partner stayed in the outside and continued with very sad and gloomy condition. By this we completed our graduation. They didn’t stop with this, they called us again and tortured us in front of 25 students.

One day in 2016, we (me and my partner) went to saw movies and from hijra organization we collect some condoms and gels. There we got caught by police and they arrest us due to the identity of gayism. They confined us and told us that gayism is haram and restricted. That moment my partner was in sorrow, disrupted and became mentally sick.

In January, we found a text that if we don’t stay separate they will fire us or slaughter us. We become very afraid and my partner become fully mentally sick and he left me. We both changed our number. I told it to Bondhu office but I become afraid to file GD in police station as we faced previous sorrowful and painful experience. Now I am alone with myself. My partner missing me a lot. He is the half part of my body. Police, my university teachers and unknowns all killed my love. I wish I could live in such a country which will not bounded love between male and female. I think I need to find a place which is such a country of sexual freedom. If I get the chance of migrate myself, I could live with my partner with happiness. We know love is divine. It can be between man and man, women and women.

My partner tolerates the harassment from authority and police, but could not take threats as normal one. In Bondhu offices I took mental motivation treatment but he couldn’t and he is in a dangerous condition.

I will not forgive those people who separated us and imprisoned my partner near to death.

With regards.

Source: BAH ( Bangladesh Against Homophobia)

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