Three Days

An unsent letter to my baby love:

Babu, I hope you are fine. It’s been 3 days since we are not talking. You blocked me from everywhere. There are a lot more ways to get connected to you but I am controlling myself a lot. Sometimes I couldn’t stop myself from calling you but then again I saw that you blocked my number. I remembered you every second for the past 3 days. There is a lot of things I am going through. I needed you that time, Babu. Babu, I need you. I am sorry for everything but you didn’t even give me time to explain and blocked me. Babu, I am managing somehow myself, maybe I will, but all I want is your happiness. That is why I don’t want to get back cause your happiness comes without me, not with me. I wish that you read this one day and realize how much I love you. Actually, this writing doesn’t show how much I love you. Babu, I never cheated on you nor can I even think of cheating you. But all I want to say is remember the day when I was in your car and wanted to see your gallery but you didn’t even let me touch your phone even you chose to break up with me. That day I gave you two options: leave me or let me see your gallery but you told me you wanted a breakup. But after that, we patched up after some hours. Because I didn’t want to leave you. I loved you that time and even now I love you. I am not saying come back just read this and get that I love you. I miss all those little humans. Last day when I came out of your house I was crying trust me or not but I did. After coming back, a lot of things happened to me. I wanted to share each and everything with you but that night I cried the whole night and consoled myself alone. Leave that, Babu. I just wanted to say to you that I loved you and I will love you the rest of my life. I can’t even concentrate on my studies. Whenever I look at the books, our memories are just flashbacks in my mind. I miss you in my life. You completed me in every way. Pray for my HSC that’s all I want to say. I wish that whenever we see each other we don’t act like strangers. Just let me hold your hands once that’s all I want from you. I love you. Hope you read this.

I will read this message of yours all of my life and make myself calm and I can say to myself that you are in me always from where no one can take you – “I promise you to never leave you. How would I leave without my happiness, my sorrow and the only precious and respectful thing in my life after my almighty Allah and my family? I wish I could be with you all the time. Amader jodi eksathe thakar vaggo kopale nao thake, I will make sure that I will make you the happiest woman in the world in any way. I’m gonna make

Source: BAH ( Bangladesh Against Homophobia)

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