Time heals

It’s not about homophobia. It’s about how a broken heart has healed.

Pretty sure, you’re familiar with the phrase, “time heals.” But does it? The answer is “no.” It’s just that you start dealing with it differently, you learn to let it go slowly, you rise to become stronger every day, and that’s when happily you get yourself out of it. It may take months, years. But it heals.

I was heartbroken by my “woman friend” back in ’17. Very much heartbroken. Every day thinking what actually went wrong. Then got to know, everything was fine, just she went wrong. Still I couldn’t let go my feelings even after all the hate speech and white lies. Even after I got cheated, I hoped one day she will come to this end that she’ll forgive me and come to my life again. Maybe you guys are thinking, why should I be forgiven, right? It’s because I already lost all the love for myself, all the self respect. Everything was gone. Just gone. I kept myself blaming all the time that it became so hard to love myself.

And then in ’19, when it got out of my hands, I took a step, which led me to severe pain that I am suffering till this date. I thought this would make her all empathetic towards me, but lol no. She’s just another horrendous monster like them. She just said, “you’re mentally ill if you can’t move on.” So yeah, that’s when my bell rang. I could finally see everything crystal clear. I felt for the wrong soul. And as days have gone by, I am finally over her. I like to believe she was just a bad phase. If I can heal, then you can too. Pretty sure, the trauma I go through you guys could never even imagine. The demons that take hold of you will go certainly, but you just need to be set. Are you ready to let go?

~Forgive, but never forget~

Source: BAH ( Bangladesh Against Homophobia)

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