You’re My Everything

I am not observant at all, though I have observed all your patterns. Cause I have fallen for you duhhh. You are such a sweet and talented person, I have learned quite a few things from you lately. I wanna learn more though. I have big plans for us and I know I can execute all plans if you stick by my side 🖤. Not only because you are a good mentor, you are the love of my life as well. Though you are surely a mad thing and hard to keep. But when I am capable enough I am gonna take your hands and offer you a lifetime. I am gonna build a Disney-ish house to fit both of us and obviously a dog. (I know life is not a fairy tale but if we want we can make it though.)

I am keeping you in my prayers and hoping that someday I can make you the happiest girl on Earth. I just want you to be happy no matter who are you with (I wanna be that girl obviously). Even though I care for you this much, I don’t know what happens when I am having a conversation with you. Maybe I am the biggest gordhop you will even see in your life. But I know what priority means and I am gonna give it all to you. I can’t frankly joke or say random things to you cause I really respect you and you are my senior. But whenever you give me late replies it really pisses me off. But as soon as I see your text – “২৯ টা দাত বের কইরা একটা হাশি মারি।” When my friends say that you don’t give instant replies, I always take a stand and say – সবাই কে পাত্তা দেয় না হাহাহাহা। But deep down inside, this bothers me as well and I say to myself – আমাকেও তো পাত্তা দেয় না hahahelpmehaha. But I go on just saying – প্যারা নাই। But I wish you could know – howwwww muchhhh I waaaaaaannnntttt tooooo beeeee wiiiiitttthhhh youuuuu andddddd howwwww badlyyyyy I wannaaaaaa loveeeeee youuuuuuuuuuuu.

যাই হক আমি শুধু এতটুকুই জানি এখনও অনেক কিছু করা বাকি। তোমার সব কথা শুনা বাকি,তোমার ব্যাথাগুলা নিজের করা বাকি, একসাথে সকাল দেখা বাকি, বিকালে হাঁটা বাকি,ঝগড়া করা বাকি

In short – তোমার নামে জীবন লেখা বাকি (যদিও তোমার নাম অনেক common কিন্তু প্যারা নাই XD)

★ Okay so a request to all the readers: Please drop your advice for me in the comment section – how I can always keep her happy? And thank you so much for reading this. You all are doing great love you all. Tatah.

Source: BAH( Bangladesh Against Homophobia)

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