When Hermes Sighed

Written by- Nafisa

i was your beloved, i was your peace

i was the Penelope to your Ulysses

the Ariadne to your Theseus

the Achilles to your Patroclus

i was your little dove

your belle, your lady, your love

for i’d begged to none but Zeus

to be your one and only muse

but alas, we are but toys

to sever whose love Yahweh enjoys

as our sweet union he forbade

in the holy tomes his servants made

so you left your only love for good

while weeping there i forlorn stood

your precious soft hermaphrodite

watching you walk into the night

the goddess of love and Hermes sighed

from their abode on the clouds up high

since their daughter, their firstborn child

once so fierce, so bold and wild

was now a star whose light had died

Nafisa is a transsexual intersex woman. Her pronouns are she/they. She is bisexual. Her passions include reading, writing, and singing. She loves studying philosophy and the classics.

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