Queered Void


I tried.

I tried as hard as I could.

Not to drown in this void,

That fills my heart every now and then,

Whenever I think about myself.

I had been a silly little kid,

When I was not touched by agony,

But it was as if thousands of years ago.

I used to be full of spirit,

Before those people made me feel,

That I wasn’t enough to live, to love and to be free.

I snapped, I broke and I suffocated,

In my eternal darkness,

In my lonely little abyss.

I wear masks, vividly euphoric masks,

To conceal this nothingness,

To hide my identity;

Where I was just a human,

Just wanted to breathe and live.

The author is a development professional, digital creator, and creative writer. Her pronouns are She/They. Her idea of expression through media predominantly lies within creative writing, especially poetry. In poetry, she can express her queer identity and personal struggles with subtlety, which is really important in a Bangladeshi conservative environment. She also likes to express herself through her appearance and fashion which is evident in her versatile range of styling career.

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